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    Free Lunch
    Let us buy your staff lunch and make you look like a hero.
    What? Free lunch for everyone who works at your office, shop, warehouse, business? That's impossible. Well, it really isn't impossible - it's just down-right crazy - but Allstate is ready to do it. There's just one catch.

    With your permission, Allstate would like to present each of your team members, at NO COST TO YOU, a benefit supplement package. These voluntary benefit offerings are individualized among your team members who can pick and choose if, and at what level, they wish to participate. And that includes the ability to just say "no thanks," after reviewing their options.The benefits offered supplement any and all group benefits you may or may not already be providing. They don't replace your current program, only enhance it. Should any of your team say yes, you can be assured that there is NO PREMIUM COST TO YOU as their employer. In fact they still get the 34% Group Premium Discount, even if only two of the team members participate.

    All you have to do is:

    1) Allow Allstate to make a single ten-minute presentation to your human resource coordinator, and upon acceptance, an individual five- or ten-minute presentations to each of your team members during their respective lunch breaks.

    2) Should one or more of your employees elect to participate, you would permit them to use payroll deduction in order to pay for any premiums. Again, you would not pay any portion of the premiums, you would simply allow for the premiums to be deducted from the employee paycheck, and then remit those deductions under list-bill to Allstate. (If you use a Payroll Company, they are very familiar with this process and there is no additional cost to do it.)


    1) Your employees will love you even more, both for the free lunch and also for saving them 34% on some customized protection benefits that are important to them.

    2) Golden Hand-Cuffs. In a round-about way you will be offering your employees some additional group benefits, at group rates, even though you won't be paying anything towards the cost. This will reduce employee turn-over.

    3) Employees who participate can do so pre-tax, which means you will ultimately reduce the amount you pay in FICA and other taxes on behalf of your employees.

    4) You will have a healthier work-force who show up to work and take less days off, due to the preventative care benefits included in many of the package offers.

    5) Allstate will let your employees know how great a person you are - by explaining both the hidden part of their pay-check, you know that portion where you have to pay taxes like FICA and Unemployment and Workers Compensation Insurance, on their behalf. As you know (and they probably do not know) this could be upwards of 30% to 40% of hidden compensation you are already paying on their behalf, but they don't notice on their pay-checks. Allstate will also let them know how you are responsible for getting them the Group Rates at 34% less than individual rates, via your sponsorship. (They will never know you aren't paying a dime into the plan to help lower the cost, but will have a better appreciation for all that you really do for them.) So what are you waiting for? Take Allstate up on the free lunch offer. The food is getting cold, and your employees may be looking around for another job that offers some individual benefit enhancements, so why shouldn't you be the company they want to stay with?

    There is no obligation after your HR coordinator hears our ten-minute presentation, but we believe you and your team will be amazed at how much it will benefit all, and at no cost to you. Call me today to schedule a time to meet, and get that lunch on the way.

    Offer valid for any and all business in the states of VA, MD, DC, and DE, which are not currently a participant of Allstate Workplace Division Benefits and have not been offered the AWD Voluntary Benefits Program in the last 24 months. The business must have no less than 2 employees aside from principles, and may have up to 500 employees.
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    phone: (703) 971-8830
    Offer Valid: October 17, 2019March 1, 2020
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