• What You Should Know About Good English Usage

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    Here are five tips for good English usage.

    Anytime vs. any time—If you can substitute “whenever,” then spell it “anytime.” If not, it’s two words. For example, you wouldn’t write, “I don’t have whenever to talk to you right now.” Therefore, “any time” would be the correct usage. But you could write, “I can talk to you whenever” (anytime).

    Can vs. may—If you ask, “Can you pass the salt?” I’ll say, “Yes, I can,” because I am physically capable of doing so. If you ask, “May I have the salt?” I’ll pass it to you because you have correctly and politely asked me to do so.

    Rain, rein, reign—OK, so of the three, few mess up “rain.” I only include it to prove I’m not a homonym-phobe. But rein and reign? Easy tip: If you’re speaking of someone taking on a royal persona, use “reign.” It has an extra letter (g) that does nothing, like royalty, who we should rein in.

    Why isn’t “its” “it’s”?—After all, “its” is possessive, and possessives take apostrophes, right? Richard’s bike, for example. Or, Mary’s little lamb. But “it’s” is a contraction, so it deserves the apostrophe too. In this case, the joining of a possessive eliminates the apostrophe. Think of “its” as three possessive letters who do not wish to be separated by an apostrophe. Would you destroy such love?

    Pet peeve alert—“Over” and “more than” are NOT interchangeable, despite the Associated Press’s recent ill-advised decision to treat them similarly. “Over” denotes height, direction, or an end, not an amount. You can be over the hill. You can be over your lover. You can hover over the bed. You cannot have over $50. You can only have more than $50. You can only have more than five marbles. If you have over five marbles, I will question whether you have any marbles at all. Over and out.

    Tom Pfeifer is the managing partner and chief strategist for Consistent Voice Communications, LLC. Want more tips from Tom? Visit his blog at tompfeifer.wordpress.com.
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