• Shovel Snow, Save a Structure

    Before and during snow storm Jonas we were urged by local fire stations to clear snow 3’ around a nearby hydrant. Thank you to the many residents and businesses that did so.

    But one thing I learned when asking folks to “adopt a hydrant” was that while they were willing to do so they did not know where the hydrants were in their neighborhood. After hearing this from multiple people I went on a quest to find a map.

    After searching online and a handful of emails I found a really good, online hydrant map provided by Fairfax Water.  While the disclosure from Fairfax Water clearly states the map is “as is” and may not be 100% accurate I found it very helpful, and accurate.

    I myself had already cleared the one hydrant I was aware of in my neighborhood but had no idea we had three others. So as soon as I finish posting this, I’ll be heading out to make sure the others are clear.

    Sadly we had a Springfield home burn Sunday morning and the hydrant had not been cleared when the fire department arrived. Every extra minute matters.

    So whether you’re cleaning up from Jonas, or for the next snow storm, please show some love to a hydrant near you.

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