• Facebook, give me back my desktop site

    Facebook, give me back my desktop site

    I was at a meeting recently and while I was paying attention to the speaker I was also trying to make a post to the Chamber's Facebook page. I quickly lost focus on the speaker because I was fighting with Facebook. My trusty iPad betrayed me and allowed Facebook to change how I view it - to FB's mobile site. I don't like that. I want my desktop site back!

    Thankfully Lauma Wingrove, graphic designer for CALIBRE, was sitting next to me and quickly picked up on my frustration. (Note, we were both still focued on the meeting's speaker.) Lauma did a few tap, tap, taps and voila, the desktop version of the Chamber's Facebook page was back. Now we could really pay attention to the speaker.

    Does Facebook's ongoing desire to change and "improve" irk you, too? If FB has removed your desktop site from your tablet or phone, and you want it, here's an article Lauma shared with me to help get it back - How To Use the Full Facebook Site for Desktop from your Phone.

    Nancy-jo Manney is the ceo of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. Go to most any Chamber event and you'll find two things - Nancy-jo and her iPad.

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